Look Younger With Just One Professional Teeth Whitening Session

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Look Younger With Just One Professional Teeth Whitening Session

Even if you’ve never heard of cosmetic dentistry, you’ve almost certainly heard of teeth- whitening, a popular way to restore and rejuvenate your smile. Teeth whitening treatments are popular among adults of all ages, and teens, too.

At Tomase Dental Care in Toledo, Ohio, Timothy Tomase, DDS, helps patients enjoy whiter, brighter smiles with the Deep Bleaching™ System by KöR. Here’s how this innovative teeth-whitening treatment can help restore your beautiful smile.

How tooth stains happen

Lots of issues can cause tooth stains, beginning with the foods and beverages you consume. Any food or beverage with deep pigments has the potential to cause stains. Foods and drinks high in acid content temporarily soften tooth enamel, making it easier for stains to penetrate. 

Common sources of food and drink stains include:

  • Coffee and tea
  • Red wine
  • Purple grape juice
  • Tomato products
  • Chocolate
  • Blueberries and blackberries
  • Deeply pigmented spices
  • Foods and drinks with natural and artificial colors

Tobacco products can also stain teeth, causing yellow or brown discoloration.

Foods and drinks tend to cause stains in the outer layers of teeth, specifically the enamel. Other stains affect inner layers of the tooth. These include discoloration due to trauma or some medications, like tetracycline drugs. Older age and genetics can also play roles in tooth stains.

Typical whitening products are only able to lift away superficial stains, while deeper, internal stains remain unchanged. But KöR is different, because it penetrates more deeply, providing more dramatic results that help your smile look more attractive, healthier, and more youthful.

How the Deep Bleaching System by KöR works

Most tooth-whitening products use hydrogen peroxide formulations to get rid of stains and whiten tooth enamel. Unfortunately, hydrogen peroxide is very unstable, which means it breaks down quickly, especially when it comes in contact with saliva. Many gel-based, at-home whitening treatments fall short of expectations simply because your saliva makes the gel ineffective within a short period of its application.

The KöR system uses special custom trays designed to hug the contours of your teeth. These trays prevent saliva from getting inside the trays and contaminating the special whitening gel. That means the gel has significantly more time to penetrate your teeth and lift away stains compared with traditional gel-based whiteners. The snug-fitting trays also reduce the risk of sensitivity during whitening.

KöR’s high-potency whitening gel is also kept refrigerated from the moment of manufacture until it’s applied to your teeth via those special trays. Continuous refrigeration prevents the special solution from disintegrating or breaking down, supporting better whitening and longer-lasting results.

Plus, because you can keep your trays at home, you can use KöR to touch up your results, making it easy to maintain your beautiful smile indefinitely. With regular checkups to maintain overall oral health, the KöR whitening system plays an important role in helping you enjoy your brightest, healthiest smile.

Learn if KöR is right for you

KöR works best on healthy, clean teeth. Prior to beginning treatment, we recommend a professional cleaning and a checkup to make sure your gums and teeth are healthy and free from cavities or infections that could cause sensitivity or interfere with your beautiful results.

To learn more about KöR and how it can help you enjoy a more beautiful, more confident smile, call 419-670-6537 today or book an appointment online at Tomase Dental Care.